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In the summer of 1981, at 2861 Lake Shore Drive, my high school journey began. Excluding the fact that my classification was merely a sub-freshman, I entered the massive building, all of 4’11” in stature, feisty and ready to take the world (or at least high school) by storm. Despite my hit or miss attempts to open my locker, find my classes and greet unfamiliar faces, I was excited about my adventure. Things were going well and I was adjusting nicely to my new environment, so I decided to try out for 8th grade cheerleading. Now after over 30 years, that cheer stills rings in my head:

“Up and down
Our team don’t mess around
Cuz we are the best
From the East to the West
And when our team is up your down.”

And then it happened, I didn’t make the squad. I was cut, can you believe that, me, cut. To say I was devastated would be an understatement. In an instant, my life was shattered, or so I thought.

It took me two years to recover from that fall, and finally I decided maybe I should try out again. But then I saw them, as if for the first time ever. The Lancettes, adorned in red short dresses, white gloves and pristine white boots with tassels; moves so precise they could cut you with a knife, and that was it!! I knew what I had to do. And so the story goes, I made the team and experienced the best junior and senior year ever.

Today I can say, not making 8th grade cheerleader was the best thing that ever happened to ME, because if I had made the squad, I would not have ever experienced the excitement that I did as a Lancette. Not taking anything away from cheerleaders because, some of my dearest friends and classmates were on the squad, but for ME, I was meant to be a Lancette.

Although, our high school is occupied by others now, the memories of our journey will forever live on in our hearts and I am so privileged to be a part of history at Lakeshore High School. “So give three cheers for the red, white & blue, Lakeshore Lancers, we are for you!!!

Class of ’86 Forever