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Well before the day of your event arrives, you have a wonderful opportunity to make an impression on your guests with the invitation. That little piece of mail can do really big things toward setting the tone of your event and creating the feel you want to convey.

Particularly in today’s world of email (or even text!) invites and Facebook event pages, the care you take to write, design and deliver the “calling card” for your event speaks volumes and carries with it so much meaning. There are a couple of aspects to consider when you’re selecting the invitations for your party.

First, think about your own personal style. What colors, fonts and paper types are you naturally drawn toward? If you make a choice based strictly on what’s hot or what someone else recommends, it may not represent you the way something you love will—even if you’re not sure why you love it!

Next, make sure you are creating continuity with the event you’re planning with your invitation choice. The invitation should get your guests excited about going, and should give them a little glimpse of what they can expect. Be sure to keep the paper weight, font, colors, etc. appropriate and in scale with the type of event you’re planning – you don’t want to choose a formal script on ivory stock for a laid-back cocktail affair, for example. An experienced stationary expert can help you keep everything in balance.

For inspiration, check out one of our favorite stationers, Sandi Spells Design, based in College Park. Their creations are so artful and elegant – we just love them!