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Whether you’re planning a vintage inspired wedding or a networking event with a modern touch, creating your vision can be as simple as tackling a few DIY projects. Repurposing is one of the best, most unique ways to bring life to your event. You’ll end up with a look that is completely your own, while astounding your guests with your creative prowess.

You can find loads of tips, tricks, and ideas for DIY and repurposing projects on the web. One of the best sites to get your creative juices flowing is Pinterest. Pinterest’s popularity has exploded in the past year making it easy to browse hundreds of “pins” on crafting and DIY.

Here are some simple but beautiful (and brilliant!) repurposing ideas for your next soiree.

Mason jars

Repurposed mason jars are becoming an increasingly popular form of decoration. They’re inexpensive and you can turn them into almost anything. Filling a mason jar a third of the way with sand and placing a tea light inside gives you a beautiful, beachy votive. Or, ditch the sand and wrap the mason jars in swatches of lace for vintage lighting. Using clusters of mason jars filled with small bouquets makes a rustic centerpiece for an outdoor wedding.

Wine corks

If you don’t already collect wine corks, start doing it now. There are so many great ideas for repurposing wine corks. Find a mirror with a funky frame at a thrift store and hot-glue rows of corks over the entire mirror. Use the final product to pin guests’ escort cards with pearl-topped straight pins. Another great idea is to hot glue wine corks around Styrofoam balls of varying sizes covering the entire ball. Using a straight pin, secure a length of pretty ribbon to the ball and hang as ceiling decor.

Wooden planks

Wooden accents can create a bohemian-chic look for any event. If you don’t have any scrap wood you can easily purchase a few planks from a hardware store. If you have scrap wooden planks hanging around the house, even better. They don’t need to be too big, just big enough to create a sign out of. If the wood is natural, simply sand it and use a wood stain or paint it the color of your choice. Use an accent color to paint your new sign. Think “Wedding This Way,” or “Smith Party Tonight!” The simple and charming signs will direct guests while adding a bit of homemade flair to your event.