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Spring is in the air, and thanks to the unseasonably warm weather this winter, a few brave early blooms have popped up here and there. It’s amazing what fresh flowers can do for decor. They breathe new life into absolutely everything!

Selecting fresh flowers and creating stunning floral arrangements will give your event a beautifully natural feel. For the best-looking buds at the budget-friendliest prices, it’s best to choose flowers that are in season.

Delicate pink and white cherry blossoms are seasonal in spring. You’ve probably seen them all around Atlanta already this season – aren’t they gorgeous? Long-cut branches of these blossoms tied together with twine create are rustic yet chic.

For a spring wedding, thick bunches of brightly colored peonies create a full, soft-looking bouquet. One of the most popular flowers, the tulip, sprouts briefly during spring. These quintessential spring buds make simple and refined centerpieces in glass vases. Tying a silk ribbon around each vase makes for perfect garden-party decor.

Whatever your budget, style, or event, decorating with live floral arrangements adds sophistication and beauty. Pick your perfect floral arrangement by discussing in-season flowers with your floral designer or doing a bit of quick research on the web. Either way, you’ll come out with a look that’s striking and unique.

P.S. If you need some expert guidance in your floral adventures, we suggest turning to one of our favorite floral  designers, Floral Couture. The photo above shows one of her vibrant event creations.