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One of the greatest aspects of event planning is getting to explore and discover all the inventive, clever and fun products and services out there. Starting with this post, we’ll put all our favorites together and share them with you here once a month! We’d also love to hear about the fantastic things you uncover, so feel free to share them with us here, by emailing tbrooks@theeventsalon.com or on our Facebook page.

Here are this month’s favorites:

Sarah’s Stands

A nice departure from the dated look of the traditional cake stand, these stands are designed to be the stage on which the cake will shine. The classic pedestal shape elevates and enhances the cake making it the center of attention while the pop of color adds a modern touch. And they are created specifically with larger cakes in mind. The sturdy base and strong top plate ensure that these cake stands can hold the weight of tiered cakes, while the proportions allow you to cut on them without worry. They are made of sustainable soft maple wood and turned by skilled artisans and individually finished with a food safe paint.

Susan & Veronica

These are not your grandmother’s aprons! Susan and Veronica have created a line of contemporary aprons that represent the philosophy that style begins at home. Their aprons are not meant to bring you back to an earlier time, but are instead designed with a modern stylistic approach that represents today’s woman and her state of mind. They’ll make you feel flirty and playful while you whip up your signature meals or mix your favorite cocktails. And they certainly add a stylish and fun behind-the-scenes touch to any casual affair.

Crave Cotton Candy Factory

Crave shows what can happen with some candy, color and a little imagination. Indulge your sweet tooth and add a touch of nostalgia with made fresh cotton candy in a variety of the tastiest gourmet flavors. Crave offers cotton candy catering and made-to-order cone and tub delivery. The light and pretty treats double as decor, too—some of their buffet displays are out of this world! And the taste? In a word: YUM!