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So, you’re planning to have a big, fabulous event at your house this holiday season. You’ve sent out the invitations, gotten the catering in place, taken care of the supplies you’ll need…now all that’s left to do is transform your home into the perfect party setting. The right tableware and decorations are important, but the most crucial element of your party décor is fortunately the easiest to execute: lighting.

Just by making a few adjustments to your home’s lighting, you can completely change the look of your space, taking it from everyday to exciting and from drab to dramatic! Using colored light bulbs (like these and these) is a wonderful way to turn your living room, dining room and kitchen into a relaxing, stylish venue with a fun vibe.

Before you spend hundreds of dollars on decorating your entertaining area, pick up a couple of colored light bulbs from your local home-improvement store and experiment with the effect for yourself!