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Tammie Brooks

Right about now you’re probably starting to think about your holiday parties. Maybe you’ve even started the planning process (if so, good work)!

As you explore all the entertaining details and options, consider one guaranteed to take that hangover feeling out of holiday parties. Hiring a professional bartender or server (or several) can be the single best decision you make for your next event, regardless of how large or small the crowd you’re expecting.

Who wants to be running around the kitchen looking for one more glass, or spilling mixers all over yourself while you try to remember the right proportions for a Cosmo? Serving drinks and food is one of those things that sounds like “no big deal” until you’re trying to gracefully greet guests while you’re elbow-deep in spinach dip!

My most recent event (read all about it here) featured the libational stylings of a wonderful bartender from The Perfect Bartender, and I could not have been more pleased. She kept things moving seamlessly and scrumptiously in the kitchen and at the bar, and I was free to focus on the fun of being a hostess!