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There are certain situations and needs in life for which we turn to a professional without hesitation. When the car breaks down, we take it to a mechanic. When we need a haircut, we book a stylist. When we have a legal matter to figure out, we hire an attorney. Yet when it comes to some of the most important, memorable times in life, many people balk at the idea of hiring a pro. It’s baffling!

For a bride-to-be facing the challenge of planning a budget-friendly wedding in today’s lean economy, it can be tempting to think, “I’ll just plan my own wedding. How hard can it be?”  But there are so many details that go into making an event memorable. An experienced professional has the skills, knowledge and resources to make sure every detail is thought through, every contingency is planned for, and every loop is closed. What bride really wants her thoughts on her big day to be consumed with worries about wrinkled table linens, being short a few chairs, and whether the groom’s cake icing is standing up to the heat of the room?

A well-chosen professional planner provides the focus, calm head and top-notch team to ensure that every event is a joyful, worry-free celebration for everyone. And if that’s not worth the cost, what is?